How it Works

Groups we support 

We work and fund-raise with many organisations including charities, schools, places of worship, community groups, scouts & girl guides and even business's to raise money in the work place for their nominated charity.


Encourage your organisations members to de-clutter their wardrobes of their unwanted clothes to raise cash for your community group, make it fun with our free sweep-stake draw where the winner will win £50.00 (based on 100 full sacks collected).

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Free Promotional Material 
We provide all the flyers, posters and helpful advice to make your unwanted clothes fundraising event a success, Previous events have raised considerable funds for charitable and community organisations.
Collection Day & Plastic Sacks 
As part of our mission to be Eco-Friendly and to help protect the environment we provide plastic sacks and recycle them through the correct channels,  We agree a convenient time and day with yourselves for collection day to ensure that the collected sacks do not take up your valuable storage space​.
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Lets Talk Money and a special Bonus,  

After our trained collectors have loaded the van with your unwanted clothes and shoes, they will donate the money proceeds to your organisation there and then.


Where do all the Unwanted Clothes & Shoes go to? 

The clothes and shoes are exported and sold at cheap prices to parts of the world where people are less fortunate and cannot afford new clothing, please bear in mind that all your pre-loved clothes and shoes collected should be in a good suitable condition to be worn again with love. We cannot pay for worn out, damaged or dirty clothes and shoes.


Our Mission

To be Eco-Friendly and improve the environment by saving millions of garments going to landfill every year, raise important funds for charity and community and to dress poorer regions of the world with great quality re-wearable fashion.


Call us now to get your fundraiser under way!