All Year Round Event


for the cause

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  • Clothing Rally Fundraiser... closet to cash!

  • Involve your supporters to throw their own event.

  • A bright idea for your A-Z fundraising tool kit.

  • Free prize draw for every full sack donated.

  • Proven constant revenue stream for your good cause.​

             Text 'Rally' 07801 684700 to get started.

Rally family and friends to de-clutter their wardrobes, fill their cars, meet at the designated drop off point and our friendly team will convert the clothes to cash.

One Time Events

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Hosting a clothing fundraiser event with us is an amazing way for your group to earn substantial revenue twice a year (Summer & Winter). Our program beats any other fundraising event you can think of. You are not selling anything, you are simply asking people to donate their unwanted clothing and shoes to your organisation.

We all know how difficult it is to encourage supporters of a good cause to get their hands in their pockets and give away hard cash, but your supporters are often happy to donate their unwanted clothes that are just cluttering up their home, Reborn textiles are here to turn those unwanted clothes into cash! Your supporters could also win cash in our free sweepstake, thats what makes this such a fun idea!

It is estimated that each person generates about 6 sacks of unwanted clothing and shoes per year, if you could collect a fraction of that from your community it adds up unbelievably fast.

The steps to organizing your fundraiser event are simple: